Tuesday, August 4, 2009



To: My Skin

From: Me

Subject: Acne


Maybe you haven't kept track, but I'm about to be 35 in January. This acne has GOT TO GO. Seriously??? I thought we were done with this! Two years ago my skin was freakin' GLOWING. Now? One bump goes away, only to have two more appear. And not just on my face...oh no, now we're involving the back and shoulders and chest. We won't even address the hyperpigmentation in this memo.

I've given you Ayurvedic soap, black soap, shea butter, coconut oil...I take my multivitamins and supplements and I try to drink 66 - 99 oz of water per day. I'm ordering a cease and desist right now. I mean it! I refuse to look crazy when my birthday rolls around!


Serenity3-0 said...

Dang! You think the oils from your hair are effecting your skin?

Marilie said...

I'm not quite sure what it is. This all started last summer, and I wasn't really using any oils back then, because I hadn't really gotten into Ayurveda that deeply. I always tie my hair up at night and keep it off my face. I was at night and in the morning...I have no idea.

Well last summer/fall, I tried to get off the pill in vain...I know that was part of it. But I'm back on it now (albeit a different one), so I'm trying to figure out what the problem is. Generally the pill helps keep my skin in check. I guess I'm just getting older and my body is changing.