Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hey Young World

Sorry to be MIA...haven't had much inspire me to blog as of late. Just been working, working out, and chillin' at the crib.

My friend Audrey runs with a running club. Last weekend she talked me into getting up for a 7:00 a.m. run this Saturday, at the greenway. We have this system of paths back behind some neighborhoods on my side of town, built by the city. It's actually pretty cool. Before I moved to ATL, my apartment was on the path, and I used to go back there and walk. Haven't been back there since then.

Yesterday, I got up at 6:00 a.m. and got myself prepared. I think we went about 3.5 miles in total. Thankfully we jogged some and then walked some. The way she took off in the beginning, I thought I was gonna have to tell her to go on without me! Being taller than me, her legs are longer, so she takes longer strides. I just had to fall in behind her. I really enjoyed it, though. The path had hills, which I don't get to do on the treadmill. It was definitely a challenge, and I was sweating when it was all over. I saw a lot of runners with these little belts on - the belt had these little compartments, like one to hold your keys/phone, and then it had small little water bottles. I need one of those. The bag that I brought was too big and it wasn't tight enough - it kept slipping off and getting on my nerves, and distracting me from the run. I'm going to head over to Run For Your Life, because I bet they sell them there. Let's just hope they don't cost an arm and two legs.

After the run, I came home and did a little ab work, did an Ayurvedic treatment on my hair, then promptly fell asleep while I was in the process of deep conditioning. Good thing I use a heat cap and not a table top dryer. When I woke up it was 2:30, and by the time I finished rinsing out the conditioner and started twisting my hair, it was 3:30. I rushed though but I got it done. Here's a pic of what I did:

Looking at these pics now (where were taken today after I slepf on this style, in a scarf), I see what I did wrong/what I'd do differently. I'd bring the back twists up towards the top more, past the ear line. But not too bad, considering I was in a rush. I may take the front twists out and wear that part puffed out tonight. Someone at the party asked me if I got my hair done at Lockstar, so I take that as a great compliment, because those ladies do excellent work!

Around 5:40 I went to my friend Kelli's house for a girls' night. I hadn't been over there in a year. Last year when I was there, she and like three or four of her friends were all preggers with their first kids. Yikes! LOL We still had a good time - virgin drinks and Taboo. This time we could all drink alcohol, except for one who was still breastfeeding. I finally got to meet her son in person, and meet her hubby. Very good peeps and their house is gorgeous. I always love seeing upwardly mobile black folks!

One of her co-workers sells products for a company called Soul Purpose. I had never heard of it before. I went online before heading over there, and I liked what I read, as far as their ingredients. I was looking forward to checking out the scents. I found three scents that I really liked, so I ended up ordering three of the solid perfumes and one of the shea butter balms. I ended up telling the rep some things about the ingredients that she didn't really know, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt because she is new to the company and the products. I can tell she's enthusiastic about it, and I wanted to support her. Lord knows I've been in her shoes: with Mary Kay (briefly in college), and with Partylite last year. She has a very nice personality and she did a good product demonstration, despite the interruptions. I was the first one there and the only one for a while.

We wrapped up the presentation with sangria and food and baby talk. The sales rep was 40, but she looked so young, no one could believe it. When she told them she had 17 year old daughter, everybody was in shock. I hope when I'm 40, people think I'm in my mid 20s. LOL! I let the sangria wear off, and Kelli and I talked for a little while before I left. Looking at her life always reminds me to "keep hope alive." She is my official pep talk provider. She reminds me of how she didn't meet the right person until she was 37, and she doesn't want me to give up. I'm just like, "whatever" at this point, when it comes to dating, but I DO listen to what she says. I mean, I have proof of what she says in front of me, whenever I'm at her house. We shall see.


Serenity3-0 said...

I like the hairstyle and I think it would becreally cute with the front untwisted. As far as dating I'm trying to keep alive as well but that ain't going too well.

Marilie said...

I did end up untwisting the front/right side tonight before I wen to the rink, and I liked it. The style will live for a least one more day. However, the way I was sweating tonight, and will sweat tomorrow after I run, I will have to take it down and wash my hair. LOL!

And you're younger than me, so you're really not allowed to give up hope on the dating situation. LOL!

Tazzee said...

Welcome back! Your hair looks cute!

Reading about your run has reminded me to stop by this running store on the way home so I can get fitted for some shoes. I'll check out that belt thingy too. I'm not a runner, but when I start I want to have all the right tools, LOL.

Aisha said...

Very cute style. You did an excellent job on those twists. I need to do something more creative with my hair. It will be on bun status for at least a week though. I'm tired. LOL.

Marilie said...

@ Tazzee - definitely get fitted for the right shoes. They should have you take off your shoes and walk around, and possibly jog on the treadmill, so they can get a better idea of your gait. That reminds me to stop by Run For Your LIfe and see if they have that belt today.

@ Aisha - if I could bun, I suspect you'd see less and less of these styles. LOL! Right now my hair is just not long enough, so I'll have to stick with twists and twist outs. :)