Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Need A Life

Seriously. I go to work. I work out. I come home. Feed Bogey, give her some love. Shower, do hair, pack things for the next day, go to bed. That has been me for the past month or more. Pretty much down to the T. My teammate and I decided not to bowl the fall league. I'm sort of relieved, because it's $15/week, and if you don't finish in the top 3, it's really not worth it. But, that was one social outlet, and now it's gone.

What it really boils down to is motivation. I have my Natural Hair Meet Up, but I haven't been to a gathering in a minute. I forgot to RSVP for the one on Saturday, and it's already full. There's the black MBA group here. I need to up my community service. I had contemplated a sorority. All these things require energy and time. More restructuring of my life. Last Saturday, when I was at Kelli's house, we were talking about work out. People always say, you're always so dedicated to it. In my head I'm thinking, "I ain' got nothin' else to do!" I don't want to be overwhelmed with things to do, but there definitely has to be a happy medium that's more than this.

I just need to suck it up. There are single moms out here who are able to get things done, and I don't have any kids, so the real question is - what's my problem? I mean, besides motivation. I don't really know. I just know I haven't attacked the social aspects of my life, in the way that I'm attacking career and health/fitness. My relationship and the break up last year really took some of the wind out from under my sails. I need to get that wind back!


Tazzee said...

That's how I was when I lived in Houston - well add church to the mix. I guess that's why I lost so much weight - I was in the gym for 2 hours almost every day.

I'm sure you'll find your niche but with you thinking of moving, is it even worth it now?

Marilie said...

That's what I was thinking, Tazzee. But I feel like I need to do something, or I am going to bore myself to death. We'll see. :)

Serenity3-0 said...

You could always come out with me and witness my shenanigans first hand! LOL

Marilie said...

LOL! That is a thought. Although I don't know if I'm ready. LOL!