Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby, Baby!

Remember that song by Amy Grant? If not, here it is:

Baby Baby - Amy Grant

OK, enough with the 90s flashback...

One of my friends from the ATL is unexpectedly preggers. The timing is crazy 'cause she was laid off and has been without a job for a few months, had to move, give away her dogs...all kinds of madness. But everything happens for a reason (or so I've been told, repeatedly).

We were discussing all things baby, and she showed me this list of names she had come up with. I'm convinced this is going to be a girl. One that acts just like her, because you know how karma works. One of the names she picked, if paired with her last name, would be akin to naming your baby Robin Robins. Or John Johnson. Or Richard Richards - you get the picture. I told her that under NO circumstances is she to name that baby like that, or I will come down there and smack her. I know the parents who came up with that stuff thought it would be amusing. It's not - it's annoying! :lol:

Why do we have to get so crazy with the baby names? Some of the names folks come up with are so bad, it's just downright comical. Don't believe me? Check out Babies Named a Bad, Bad Thing! That will keep you entertained for at least an hour. You probably shouldn't read it at work, because the blog author's comments are hilarious, and you will guffaw.

Another thing on my list of pet peeves with adults regarding babies, is the thing with babies' ages. When I ask you how old your baby is, if the baby is not 1 yet, I expect to hear an age in months. If your kid is 2, don't come at me with, "he's 26 months." WTH? He's TWO - get a grip! I don't care if he's 14 months, he's ONE. Smack me, if I ever have a kid and I do this. Maybe I'm just not familiar with baby protocol. I mean, I know the clothing labels are done in months, but that doesn't mean you have to refer to your kid in months. IJS. I might be in the minority on this, but for some reason, it just REALLY annoys me. Maybe I should go around telling folks that I'm 415 months.

I wonder how I would feel if I were in my friend's situation. Actually, there probably wouldn't be any blog postings for a good chunk of time. I'd be in the corner with my arms wrapped around myself, rocking back and forth, repeatedly yelling, "why, Lawd?? Why?" OK, not really. I guess I just can't picture this, because I don't even have any prospective boyfriends in the Rolodex right now. I think my mom has resigned herself to having 6 grandkids...so if lucky number 7 came along, she'd be verklempt - in a good way.

I think if I ever have a child, it will totally be in a surprise manner. In all likelihood, an "oops" moment - which is what I was. Because I can't see me charting ovulation and calling my hubby in the middle of the day saying, "we need to do it now!" My friend K got engaged at the end of 2007. She was busy traveling with her job (sometimes overseas), and planning her wedding. Spring 2008, she makes a quick visit to the gyn, because she wanted to discuss getting her tubes tied. She was 39, so she just figured she and her hubby to be were well past the ripe ages. Well, surprise! Doc said, "you're about 6 weeks too late." When she told me the story about how she just showed out in that doctor's office, breaking down in tears...everything...I was dying laughing. She said they left the appointment and her fiance took her to Bojangles...in the midst of the drive through line, she suddenly went from panicked to excited and happy! Her fiance told her she was crazy. But he married her anyway, and now they have a bouncing baby boy.

K had a happy ending. I hope my friend from ATL has a happy ending. And I hope my "happily ever after" is out there somewhere. :)


Tazzee said...

I am SO with you on the baby's age in months. But I think parents do it because certain milestones are tracked in months. After my godson turned 1, I would also give his age as either 1 or he'll be 2 on July 2...

That story about your friend K still gets to me. I had dinner with a friend last night and she was joking about me having a baby. I told her I would probably be depressed if I found out I was pregnant - she claims I would be upset for all of 30 minutes. I doubt that - I think I would be crying out to God, dressed in sack cloths until I felt a kick or something like that.

Mmm, I would love some Bojangles right about now ;-)

Serenity3-0 said...

I was the chick rocking back adn forth asking God why? I was also the chick at the doctor's office for a bogus excuse. I had partied on a Thursday night and was hung over and couldn't make work Friday. So I went to the doctor Sat morning to get an excuse. I just told the doctor I had a virus or something. Of course any YOUNG woman and they wnat to do a prego test. I said sure. Knowing they would come back and say everything was fine. Nope. Came back talking about a baby. I almost flipped out. I had to sit in my car in the parking lot for a long time crying and cussing.

Marilie said...

@ Serenity - OMG! So you didn't even go in there for any specific reason and they just happened to check for pregnancy. That is definitely "rocking in the corner" material! Had you even had any symptoms up to that point??

@ Tazzee - I am laughing at you and the sack clothes! I think your friend is right, though. That first bit of time, you'd really be panicked, especially in cases where you are not planning to have kids. I think you'd be ok, though.

My friend from ATL has started a blog about her pregnancy. She's about 11 weeks along.