Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Really random

This morning I wore my 'fro out. I was driving in to work, singing along with Luther on the radio. This pick up truck is going by me in the left lane. I just happened to glance over and it was some dude. I didn't look long enough to tell if he was cute. :lol:

So he has his right hand hanging out the window and he's gesturing and pointing back and over towards my car with his thumb. Like maybe he was talking to the driver and referencing me. By this time they are about a car length ahead of me, but still in the left lane. He looks back and then he gives me the thumbs up.

I'm just wondering if it was for the 'fro, or the Dallas Cowboys star on the front license tag??

You ever get to work and just know that you have so much ish to do, there's no way you can get it done, so you just lose all motivation? That is me today. I KNOW how much stuff I need to do. I have new claims from yesterday that I need to get to. And yet, I'm moving at a snail's pace. I'm so happy I have 4 days off I don't know what to do. Clearly I need to refresh and recharge.


I'm always a little leery of people trying to fix me up to go out on dates. Because if it doesn't work out, I don't wanna be looking at the fixer-upper like, why did you do that?? Pickings are slim out here...maybe I will revisit my thoughts on this.


I really dread that it takes me almost 5 hours to get to my sister. I want to be closer. My nephew "jokingly" told me that I was a "dead beat aunt" 'cause I don't come and see him enough. The mind of a 15 year old. Anywho...I really would love to come see them more. I'd love to be like 2 hours away or less. At the very least, in the same state. It's looking like both of my sisters are going to stay in Virginia. So...I think I'm contemplating a move to VA. No time in the next year or so. I'd really like to stay with my current company as long as I can, before I move anywhere else. If we keep the account I'm working on, I will stay here. If it turns out we are going to lose the account, I will start my job search in VA. At the end of the day, I'm not anchored to Charlotte. I haven't purchased a house or anything. We shall see. I don't want to bring on any more financial hardship...it is definitely something I will think carefully about.


My sister Pam brought out some old photos of our room growing up. I really have to find my scanner 'cause I want y'all to see the EVIDENCE of her taking down my train to make more room for Michael Jackson. I really had forgotten how many pics she had on the wall until I saw these photos. There is a pic of my mom standing in our room, dressed up and ready to head out on the town. She's 43 and I promise you she looks better than I look now. I just wanna look half that good when I"m 43. And she had 5 kids to boot. **keeps fingers crossed that I inherited that gene**


I'm leaving for NY/Detroit on Thursday morning. I fly to NY and then we are driving to Detroit the next day for the family reunion. We drive back to NY on the 12th and then I'll be in NY until I fly back on the morning of the 14th. I'm not taking my laptop 'cause it's bootleg. The keyboard is broken and I have yet to purchase a new one. So I have a computer keyboard plugged into the USB port. I know that is GF (ghetto fab) but a laptop keyboard was just not on my list of priorities. If anything, I need to get a hard drive to back up everything on that laptop, because I will cry if I lose all that stuff. Anywho, I'll be out of pocket and probably won't get to check in until the 13th. But I'm sure I'll have more nonsense to post about before the 16th. :)


Serenity3-0 said...

Va should be a cool spot. I've visited Richmond. I don't believe I'm anchored to Charlotte even though I bought a house here. I'd just rent it out for a while. I'm thinking the guy was honking at you and your fro! If you moved to Va, you should try to get a govt job.. Stability and some research I was doing for school said some agencies in the govt work from home!

Marilie said...

We shall see! If we keep the account, I'll be here for a little while longer. I want my resume to show some stability.

One of my friends moved to DC and had gotten a gov't job, but then they made cuts and she got laid off. We shall see. If the move is what I'm going to do, I'll be looking into all possibilities. :)