Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

But not like Potergeist, though. LOL!

The family reunion was cool. I mostly just like getting together with my immediate family, but it's nice to see the extended family as well. There were three different reunions (including ours) at the hotel that weekend. I think we had the best t-shirts out of all three. In a 'six degrees of separation' moment, a girl I went to college with posted on FB that her family reunion was in Detroit as well. Turns out it was one of the reunions at the hotel. Too bad she didn't go - it would have been nice to see her.

Anywho, I will post a couple of pics when I get them uploaded. Most of the family on my mom's side is older. My Uncle T planned this reunion, and he is the oldest out of her siblings. He has like 8 kids, and apparently they are all trifling! I don't think any of them helped him with the food and preparation. He wasn't able to get a pavilion at the park, so thankfully it did not rain. We would have been drenched! He is too old to be doing all of this by himself. He does have one daughter who halfway has sense, and she planned the reunion we had two years ago in Savannah. She didn't even bother to show up for this one, though. I guess if it ain't in her state, she can't go...

My sister and I decided that some of the goings on were shenanigans, so we have volunteered to plan the reunion for 2011. We wrote down all these ideas we came up with. We need to get started soon. Only thing I am worried about is the food. I'm not tryna cook for 50 people...even if my mom was helping us, it would be too much. We're going to have to figure something out for the cook out. But, we've pretty much told people it will be in Virginia in 2011, so I guess we better get crackin'! We also need to have a wider menu selection. At every meal I was having to ask if stuff was pork (I stopped eating pork about 3 months ago). So glad Uncle T made the greens with smoked turkey!

We went to the casino in Detroit, and I didn't win a dang thing. I was doing good, and I let that nickel machine take my dang money back. LOL! Somebody probably came along after me and hit it big. My mom, in her usual lucky manner, sat down next to me and was just aimlessly playing, not even thinking about it, and the chick won like $400. Makes me sick!

I did take a bunch of old pics of me as a baby, when I was at my mom's house. She also told us that we were finally allowed to take our baby books out of the house. Mine is really random, and pages where she should have been writing things down, she just put a bunch of pics in. LOL! But I love looking at the old pics, and seeing parts of the house I grew up in. I really need to find my scanner. I found an old black and white photo of my dad at the beach in swim trunks. I tell y'all, it's like looking at my brother J. My mom always says how much J looked like my dad - like if you took their elementary school pics and looked at them, it was almost the same. But I didn't see it, and was thinking he just looked like a combo of my mom and dad. When I saw this beach picture, it was crazy! I mean down to the way he was standing! They have the same stance, the same body dad even had a little 6 pack going on. LOL! My brother is just a taller version. Some days, I do see more of my mom's features, though. I can't decide who I look like. Everybody who sees a pic of my mom says I look like my mom, but I think that's because they haven't really seen a good pic of my dad. I don't even know.

Do you guys enjoy reminisicing and looking back at old family photos, or is it just me? :)


Serenity3-0 said...

My family reunion is always in teh same place every single year. It's to the point of why bother going now. I was thinking it would be nice for us to go on a cruise together and my cousin says she wanted us to have it in ATL. Either idea is fine with me, but just not in Bogalusa again.

Marilie said...

Girl, we've only had 3 in my life time, but they have been in different places. The first one was in Syracuse, and I think that was the best one so far...although our t-shirts were kinda wack, lol. The last one was in Savannah and the chick got us MAROON t-shirts to wear in that hot azz sun. What the heezy?? Luckily we did have a shelter because after a while it was pouring rain. We still had fun though.

I don't know how I felt about Detroit as a venue. Parts of the city are nice, like downtown near the casinos, and Belle Isle. But the rest is kinda desolate. The roads were tore the h*ll up. But I guess it could have been worse.

You and your cousin should start on some plans for the next reunion. :)