Friday, July 24, 2009

Dad's Still Cancer Free

I forgot to post some of the pics from the family reunion visit to NY and DC. Oops! When I arrived on 7/9, we took my dad to dinner for his birthday. He racked up the cash (about $300 - dad, can I borrow some $$? LOL) and had a good time hanging with his kids. It would have been perfect if my oldest sister was there, but she couldn't make it this year.

He is doing well, and so far is still cancer free! Still too skinny for my linking, but you can only eat so much when you've had part of your stomach removed :/ I'm just so happy he's still here with us, and I enjoy every moment I get to spend with him.

Me, my brothers, one of my sisters, and my dad. :)

I have more pics, but they are on my home computer. I will post when I get back from VA.


Aisha said...

That is such good news about your dad!! It was great that you all were able to get together for his special day. Take care.

Marilie said...

Thanks, Aisha! He really enjoyed himself. We all had a good time. Whenever I get with my siblings, we always act goofy and silly.