Sunday, April 10, 2011

This Week in Yoga

This week I decided to activate my Living Social deal: 1 month of unlimited yoga at Charlotte Family Yoga Center for $39. Considering what they charge for a month of unlimited yoga, there's no way I could NOT buy that special!

On Tuesday, Stacy called to let me know she was under the weather and would have to cancel our usual Wednesday morning flow class at her home studio. I got to sleep in on a Wednesday! LOL! But I knew I wanted to get my yoga on, so that's when I decided I'd get started with CFYC.

I decided to take advantage of the Hot Fusion class. Here is the description from the website:

"Release and unwind from with our hot fusion yoga class .This class combines our invigorating hot flow class and the opening and releasing of our deep stretch class. In addition the heated environment helps promote sweating, which helps flush toxins from the body. You will leave feeling cleansed, refreshed and relaxed for a good night's rest."

This class was taught by an instructor named Tony Hill. The room was heated to 95 degrees. I was sweating bullets! I mean, I went into warrior 3 and sweat just went pouring off my head onto the floor. Embarrassing much? LOL! Great class...I will definitely go back again. I cheated on my pigeon and went into deer, though. Next time I'll actually go into pigeon.

I took my usual Friday morning flow class with Stacy, and then on Saturday afternoon, after I went on my run, I went to Slow Flow class, which was taught by Susan McMurray. When I walked in, she looked so familiar to me, and then I realized: we had taken a hot flow class together at Balance Wellness Center, when they had their Spring Fling (a Saturday of free classes). I had no idea she was an instructor as well. But that explains how well she was moving in that hot flow class. She really took us through the moves slowly and with intent, with a focus on our breath. It was the perfect way to get a stretch in after my run.

Today I went to Harmony Yoga. An hour and fifteen minutes of yumminess and stretches. It's not a deep stretch class, but you will definitely stretch more than a regular flow class. The instructor was Shanna Small. She was great! We even got a neck rub at the end.

This week was a great yoga week for me: three new teachers, first ever yoga class taught by a male instructor, and first time taking a harmony class.

Good stuff!

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