Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Yesterday I was reminded of a dating story I hadn't thought about in a while. I don't think I've shared it here. If I have, charge it to my early onset dementia. Thanks!

Picture it: Charleston, 2002 (I love the Golden Girls). Kappa C and I had been dating for a while now. He planned a trip for us to Charleston. We stayed at a hotel in North Charleston and had a very good weekend. Except for one little incident.

Kappa C had planned for us to visit one of the plantations in the area. It's called Drayton Hall.. I don't know if you've ever been to any of the plantations down there. Some of them look at little "Gone With The Wind-ish", but Drayton Hall is not like that. The main house still stands. They've probably refurbished it by now. One of the slave cabins has been turned into a bookstore.

We were the last tour of the day, and it ended at said store. I ended up purchasing a book called Slaves in the Family. At the end of my purchase, the tour guide was telling us about how the plantation became a share cropping farm. There was a man (whose name I've long since forgotten), who was born there during the share cropping time. He used to sit outside that very bookstore and tell stories about what it was like to live there. She told us that he had passed away a few years prior, and that he asked to be buried on the property, near where the slaves were buried in unmarked graves.

The tour did not include this area, but it was off of the main road to the house. We were told that we could go there, but that we should exercise caution. They had been told that there were wild boar in the area. At this point, Kappa C is now alert. Kappa C grew up in a small town in GA. Like, they only have one stop light, and they probably still have a black prom and a white prom (oy vey.) Growing up in this environment, he learned everything there is to know about the indigenous wildlife of the south. Apparently, wild boars aren't something to fool with.

Me: I want to go check out the graves on our way out.
KC: Well, we need to be careful...those wild boars are no joke.
Me: I think we'll be ok.

We're one of the last cars to pull up and park. Which means people are already at the graves. In my mind, if the wild boar were gonna be a factor, wouldn't we hear screaming and hollering by now? Kappa C is thinking otherwise. His eyes are darting around periodically. I'm looking at him like, it CANNOT be this serious. Really?

We start walking down the path to the graves. All of a sudden, we hear something running high speed through the woods, approaching from our right. I can tell it's up further ahead, so I just freeze. Whatever it is, I don't wanna run into it. 2 seconds later the noise is identified as two deer. They run across the path and don't even pay us a bit of attention. I turn to my left to say, "oh, it was just some deer..." but this cat is M.I.A. He's already back at the beginning of the path.

Me: What the?? Did you just leave me here??
KC: Well I thought it was the wild boar.
Me: OK...but you couldn't let me know that we were running? You bench press like 300 lbs, SURELY you coulda picked me up and carried me? Tugged on my sleeve and said 'let's go?' SOMETHING?
KC: Well I thought you were gonna follow me!
Me: How can I follow you if I DON'T KNOW THAT YOU'RE RUNNING? How you gonna leave your girlfriend to get mauled by wild boar??? Are you serious?? I cannot even believe you!

Man, I was mad at him for about 2 hours. Tense ride back to the hotel! :lol: We went out to dinner later that night and we made up, thankfully. When I told his friends that story, they were crying/laughing. But, if you know Kappa C, this is just classic Kappa C-ness.

So - would your S.O. have left you in the woods, too? :lol:


Tazzee said...

HILARIOUS!!! No, MM would have grabbed me, picked me up - or told me to run while he wrestled that nasty wild boar to the ground and cracked his neck for scary his sweetie like that (ok, that last one was a little fairytale-ish but I'll roll with it).

Marilie said...

Does MM have a brother? LOL! Girl, it's funny now, but at that time I was FUMING!

Anonymous said...

Laaawd! I'm doubled over in laughter. "Tugged on my sleeve..."

Mr. wouldn't leave me. He has this weird thing about being my protector at all times. *swoon* Probably would have pushed me out of the way so he could distract the animal and give me a head start on the run back to the car. Hell, he might have even whittled a spear from a fallen twig and killed it for me on the spot. [/African warrior stereotype] LOL!

Marilie said...

LMAO @ African warrior stereotype! Dying! Yeah...I've pretty much come to the conclusion that so far, Kappa C is the only person I've dated who would have that reaction. Even Idiot would have grabbed me or did something.

Single Ma said...

Dude told you he was skurred and yo arse insisted that you go see the graves. That's what you get! LOL!

Would Mr EC leave me like that? I wouldn't put it past him so I'm gonna say yep, prolly so. He woulda yelled my name or something though. HA HA HA

Marilie said...

Sure, blame the victim!!! LOL!!! He just said we needed to be careful...he should have refused to go if it was that deep. LOL!