Wednesday, December 30, 2009


With the advent of eHarmony and Match dot com, it seems like more and more people are getting involved in LDRs - long distance relationships. I said earlier this year that the LDR was on my shun list and I just was not going to consider it. I wanna see you when I wanna see you. If I'm having a bad day and I need a hug and a foot rub, I don't want to have to coordinate a flight or a car ride.

It seems like pickings are slim in the good ol' Queen City. I'm good friend Serenity_23 is single. We keep running into crash and burn dating scenarios. Why? We're good lookin' chicks, if I do say so myself. We have personality. We're not gold diggers. We have been known to cuss some folks out a time or two, but 9 times out of 10 it's warranted.

So now I wonder, if I restrict myself to the Charlotte area, am I cutting myself off from opportunity? Do I just need to learn how to exercise more patience? There's a guy I know from high school...he's pushing up on me. Hard. But he lives in NY. We talk all the time. What's funny is that we really didn't interact much in high school (he was a year ahead of me). He is hilarious and can actually hold a conversation without the use of "conversate" and "irregardless" (have I mentioned those are serious pet peeves of mine?) I always ask him when he's moving back to NC - he was here before when he was in the military. But I'm never serious about that because I would not put that pressure on him. His two sons are in NY and I'm sure he wants to be there for them. Having moved back to Charlotte because of a relationship (which ultimately failed), I just could not ask someone to move here for me. I wouldn't want them to resent me/the move if the relationship didn't work out...kinda how I feel about Idiot (yeah - that's his official nickname now). And I'm sorry, but I REFUSE to move back to North Siberia. I just refuse to move period, unless I'm moving for me, or a prime job opportunity, or to be closer to my family.

Well that was a rambling mess of thoughts. Maybe I just need to stay single. :lol:

P.S. - I did a spell check and it did not highlight "irregardless" as being spelled wrong. Wow. I thought most dictionaries would say that was incorrect or non-standard. I guess it's becoming standard now. But really - just stick to "regardless" or "irrespective!" :lol:


This One Woman said...

I know for me LDRs are out. I have a small child and will not be jetsetting all over the US for a man. The pickings in Vegas are slim as hell too. Good luck!

Tazzee said...

I tried an LDR and it just did not work. There were too many times when I wanted to see him and it wasn't possible. Then our disagreements had to be discussed over the phone - recipe for disaster. We ended up breaking up over the phone.

Anonymous said...

I met my husband online about 10 years ago. It was through an AOL sponsored site, but basically like I was half looking for a relationship at the time (I was moving to the beach with a girlfriend and we were going to be the single girls at the beach). When I responded to his profile, I was just letting him know that I thought it seemed very genuine and it was refreshing to come across one so honest, plus he didn't indicate he was looking for a girl 18 and up. Well, we chatted back and forth for a while and all worked out. Needless to say, my roommate wasn't very happy about the situation because of the "single girls at the beach" plan. Don't give can find someone nearby. LDRs can't be very fulfilling. Just keep in touch with the guy in NY, but continue to look where you live...when you least expect it....