Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I am looking forward to this weekend! So glad it's Thursday.

1. Speaking of three, I currently have 3 computer monitors on my desk. Why? Because we are transitioning to the computer system of the company that bought us out. It has NOT been smooth. I already have a headache today.

2. I sent out my thank you notes for my interview on Tuesday. It was a panel interview with 4 people, so I was looking online to see if I should send one letter or four. I ultimately decided on four separate letters. Let me tell you, it is a challenge to come up with 4 thank you notes about the SAME interview, and have them all be different. But I think I nailed it. :) Now, we just await their decision. Cross your fingers and toes!

3. I will be in NY and see LDR in 16 days! *squeals with delight*

So what's going on with your Thursday?


MzInspiredMind81 said...

I am SO claiming this job for you!!!!!

This Thursday I have not done a lick of work. The bosses are in interviews all morning (I'm getting a new coworker) so that's meant me doing everything BUT work. LOL

I've been in super planning mode for my born day festivities. I've decided on ATL. I've booked the room and rental car and found a party or two I want to attend.

It's almost the weekend BUT I have to work (at the part time) all weekend. GAH! LOL

LB said...

Claim it and it's already done! You know how I feel. :)

It's Friday and what can I say. So glad to see another day and looking forward to the weekend. It's goingt to be short because I'll be playing chauffeur for J. He has Saturday school and two birthday parties.

My SIL and family will be here Saturday night. Yes! I can't wait to see them.

Still waiting patiently for the decision. You already know what it is. I have faith and I am in preparation. :)

affectionforfitness said...

You have a great attitude regarding your work transitions and the interview. That would have caused more than a headache for me.

:-) Marion

K said...

good luck!