Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday's Musings

A few "Why's"

Why - WHY - can't I wear white or cream, without getting dirty? I always end up looking like Messy Marvin (from the Nestle Quik commercials, back in the day) by lunch time. Either make up, or pen ink or SOMETHING. I don't even know why I continue to buy things in white and cream.

Why does my co-worker keep talking to me about her latest weight loss schemes? Does she not see the look of pure disinterest on my face? The thing is, I was with her in the beginning. She told me all the things she was going to do. She did nothing. She's still eating fast food breakfast, still drinking soda instead of water. Still has 101 excuses for why she can't start walking, even though she has a treadmill at home. Even though she could take the kids out and let them ride bikes while she walks. I'm over it! Until she shows some action, I don't want to talk about it. When people really want to do something, they will find a way. I'm convinced she is not going to really lose weight until it gets to critical mass. Which is sad, because it's not good for her health, and I do worry about that. But I can't lose the weight for her.

Why have all three of my ex-bf's sisters befriended me on FB, but he has not? LOL! I think it's hilarious. His sisters are so much fun and outgoing. I told him I think he was adopted. He got none of their personality. If he did, we *might* still be together. Actually, I know why he won't add me - even though we've been apart since 2006, it would really bug him if my status went from 'single' to "in a relationship."

It's a living!

I can't believe that as of today it's been 2 years back with my current employer. I started working for them in 2004, and they re-organized, and I was laid off in July 2005. That was the whole reason I ended up moving to Atlanta. I found another position down there. I ended up back here because of an ill-fated relationship. At least the job is still kickin' like the Energizer bunny.

I've told my sister to go ahead and start sending me job postings from up there on base. I was going to wait until I totally revamped my resume, but I figured she should send them first, so I can see how I need to spin everything. I know that my current skills and my degrees could transfer into many fields, but it's all in how you word it. Gotta get the potential employer's attention, before you can wow them.


I really cannot WAIT for Thanksgiving. Besides all the fabulous food we're going to have (that I really don't need and should eat in small portions), this will be the first Thanksgiving in a few years that I will be with all my siblings and their kids, and both my parents. My parents and my brothers live in NY, my sisters live in VA, and I'm in NC. I usually go to VA to be with my sisters, because I don't have room to host everyone here. But with my brothers' jobs, it's hard for them to get away. My dad absolutely hates to fly. My mom generally does not take time off at Thanksgiving because she pretty much has been "whatever" about it, since my aunt passed. This summer we told everyone that we want them to come down to VA so that we can all be together. My brothers were able to get the time off. I'm psyched! I already had a lot to be thankful for, and this is just one more thing now.

Need an excuse to shop for clothing?

I usually don't. This year, I actually have a legitimate excuse. I just pulled out my bin of fall/winter clothes (my closet is small, so I have to separate clothing by the seasons), and most everything is too big. Now that I've been on my running mission, I'm losing inches all over. My pants from last year are petite 10's - they are all too big now. Also,I've started just buying the average length and wearing heels with them. I can wear a 6 in average pants. Woo hoo! For those of you that don't know, pretty much all of my closet is New York & Company - so when I refer to sizes, I'm usually talking about clothing from there. I should probably own stock in NY & Co. It's highly ridiculous.

I need more pants and skirts. I have City Cash to use between now and Sunday. And those fools emailed me a coupon that can be $25 off of $75, $60 off of $150, or $90 off of $200. Between that coupon and my City Cash, I could potentially get $500 worth of stuff for $260. Not that I'm going to do that...but I'm just saying. Again - not trying to enable folks, but if you don't have that NY & Co coupon and you want it, let me know. :)

I guess I should get back to work. Happy Thursday, bloggers!

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