Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Runway 5K

I don't know if I mentioned that I was running the Runway 5K. It's a race at the airport, which started in 2007. You run on one of the older taxiing runways, but you are parallel with an active runway, on which planes are landing and taking off. It was pretty cool! The weather was sucky. I would like to run it again next year. Took me 33:09 (gun time). They didn't give the chip time. My pace was 10:41. I caught a mean stitch in my side, and I was not able to run as fast as I wanted to. I even had to walk for a minute. I forgot to eat my banana and take my Gu. Most times I am ok with cardio on an empty stomach, usually I am better. But if you need something, at the very least you should have a banana.

Anywho, here's me finishing the race:

Pic 1

Pic 2

Thank goodness these pics aren't bad. I didn't even realize until after I finished that those fools were taking pics. Why? LOL!

I definitely would like to run this next year. Wonder if I can be down to a 8 minute mile by then?


Tazzee said...

That sounds cool! When do they normally have it? That might be worth a trip to Charlotte for me next year since I'm becoming a runner and what not ;-)

Anonymous said...

The race actually takes place on an active runway that is closed during the race. Glad you had fun.

Marilie said...

Hey appears it's been in October for the last 2 years...I'll let you know the date for 2010. I need to check the website. :)