Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yesterday was my last physical therapy visit! Yay! I made excellent progress with my range of motion and flexibility. While both Achilles still have the early morning stiffness, it goes away by the time I get out of the shower. The therapist said that's to be expected. Released prn = music to my ears. Take that, Achilles tendonitis! As nice as John and Cheryl were, I don't want to see them again - not at therapy, anyway. I just have to keep doing my stretches, and I've been given a resistance band to do some new ankle exercises.

The weather here has been yucky. Really yucky. Ida is dumping rain on us like crazy. Yesterday was just a dreary day. I knew I would not get to run outside, so I planned to at least hit the treadmill. Once therapy was over, I just could not bring myself to go. Slacker! I'm gonna pay for it today. I have to run regardless. And since it's still raining cats and dogs, it's going to be on the good ol' treadmill. I think running outside has spoiled me. I can already tell I'm not going to enjoy the days when I have to hit the treadmill. I bet my Nike+ Mini is bored and wondering where I've been for the past 2 days...

I AM excited that running has now become a "habit." I feel like something is wrong, if I don't get my workouts in. That's a very good thing.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the treadmill thing. During the summer, I have to run on the treadmill because of the ridiculous humidity here in Houston. Going back to the treadmill is tough!! Running outside has a certain motivation about it and keeps you somewhat entertained.

Regarding the Nike+, I have used it on the treadmill just so it would record into my stats on

That is great that you are done with your PT.

Once you get past a certain point, it is amazing how running becomes addictive. The feeling of completing a long run and feeling great afterward is wonderful!

Have a great day!

Marilie said...

That was pretty much my thoughts on using Nike+ with the treadmill. I just wanted it to record that I had done 4.1 miles yesterday. I'm pretty sure the pace is not accurate. :)

I hate that it's rainy and cold this week. I wanted to try the speed workout you suggested. I'd rather do it outside, though. I have not figured out how to program the treadmills at my job, so that I don't have to manually control the intervals.