Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Plantar Fasciitis

I haven't been for a run since last Monday morning. Which was a good run, I might add - 4 miles with an average pace of 9:48. Score! That's good for me. But, the heel pain I've been dealing with for the past few weeks really started to flare up after that run. I came to work, as usual, sat at my desk and started working. An hour later, when I tried to get up and walk to the printer, I could barely walk on my right heel.

So I went to see my old friends at OrthoCarolina - they also treated me for my Achilles Tendonitis. From everything I read on the net, I figured it was plantar fasciitis, but I just wanted to make sure. Of course, that was the diagnosis. After listening to the options, I opted to go with the cortisone shot.

Uh...lemme just tell you. That would be the 2nd most painful thing I've had done. The 1st would be the dentist attempting to drain an abscessed tooth - but that's another post for another time. Anywho, his exact words: "I'm not gonna lie to you - it WILL hurt."

He didn't lie. He had a student in training following him, and I heard him explaining to her that he did not like to do the injection from the bottom of the foot, as it tends to hurt worse. So he came at it from the inside on the side of the heel. They attempt to numb it with that freezing spray (yeah, right) and then tell you to be very still as they are about to start the shot.

Can I just tell you, it felt like he STABBED that needle into my foot?!? What the? My foot was assaulted and battered! And then you can feel the cortisone going in. It's a weird feeling. YOu get some numbness for a little while after, and then it's just weird feeling.

It's been almost a week. So far I can feel the biggest difference in the morning. I no longer have the excruciating pain when I get out of bed. I was given a list of stretches to do. Basically, a lot of the same things I was doing for my Achilles. WHich would be a good time for me to admit that I had slacked off...so, yeah. My fault. I complete the "towel stretch" in the mornings before I get out of bed, and the wall stretch in the shower. I have a water bottle at work that I keep in the freezer. In the mornings I will take it out, and then I roll the bottle back and forth under my foot.

So far, so good. I still have days when it's aggravated throughout the day. I've been wearing flip flops to work. Y'all know how this hurts my feelings...I like my high heels. I am not supposed to be walking around barefoot - which is a bad habit of mine. I have to force myself to wear flip flops around the house. I'm trying to do better.

I've decided that I will hit the elliptical all week. I've been eating like I don't know any better, and it's showing up around my midsection and thighs. Booo. Hopefully next week, I'll get back to running. I plan to start my half marathon training in August.

Hope no one else is sidelined with injuries!


Anonymous said...

Ouchee! So sorry about your heel, but the shot sounded worse! I like the elliptical. It is definitely easier on your body!

Marilie said...

I have new-found respect for anyone who receives cortisone shots as part of ongoing injury treatment! Some people get them in their necks. Yikes!