Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Cohabitation Chronicles: The Cupid Shuffle

That title doesn't have much to do with this post, except a round about reference to Valentine's Day...and the fact that HH hates line dances. He asked on his FB status if people would be doing the Cupid Shuffle today. Just silly. LOL!

Anywho, my co-worker got some gorgeous flowers today. People keep asking me where mine are. When I tell them we don't do Valentine's Day, they give me a look of incredulity.

But honestly? We don't need to.

HH does great stuff for me all the time. It's the little things that add up. Running me an Epsom salt bath when I beat myself up at the gym. Cooking dinner and leaving it on the stove when I get home. He just went and bought Bogey a kitty condo. He does laundry during the day, vacuums...sure he sometimes leaves his socks by the bed, and that awful Redskins hat on the nightstand...but that's ok. LOL!

He does lots of little things to show that he cares. He makes me belly-laugh at least once per day. I specifically told him not to do anything today, because he probably would have.

If you celebrate it, have a wonderfully awesome day. And if you don't, have a great day anyway, because you can. :)


Single Ma said...

My favorite internet couple!

Wait...he and Bogey called a truce? LOL

Adrienne said...

awwwwwwwwwww LOL

sayitlikethis said...

Me & Mister don't celebrate Valentine's Day either. We do stuff all the time for each other on any given day just because. We give each other gifts for "Happy Tuesday" or "Just Because It's Sunny."